Whether you’re in school, at university, or looking to come to Australia on a study tour, the following news sections will provide you with everything you need to know about studying in Australia — from submitting applications to getting a job. 

24th April 2019

Explaining Anzac Day

Anzac Day holds a special place in the heart of Australians and New Zealanders.

17th April 2019

Are English language preparation courses worth it?

There's no reason you shouldn't be taking English preparation courses.

09th April 2019

The ultimate guide to Australian visas

Everything you need to know Australian visas.

03rd April 2019

There’s a place for you in Melbourne: Harriyadi's Story

Read about Harriyadi's experience as a student in Melbourne. 

01st April 2019

Announcement of regional scholarships for international students

Regional areas are on the agenda for the Federal Government's international education prospects.

22nd March 2019

The search begins for the next StudyAdelaide Ambassadors from India

Don't miss the opportunity to secure one of the 10 exclusive spots up for grabs!

21st March 2019

Five classic Australian films you need to watch

There are some serious Aussie classics on this list.

18th March 2019

What is it like to study in regional Victoria?

Federation University Australia (Fed Uni) has capital city campuses, but did you know its larger campuses are in regional centres? 

07th March 2019

The facts and figures of international students in Australia

Everything you need to know about the international student market from 2018.

06th March 2019

There's a place for you in Melbourne: Linh's Story

Read about Linh's experience as a student in Melbourne. 

27th February 2019

Australian international student guide - Malaysia

Some handy advice for Malaysian students in Australia. 

20th February 2019

Occupations in demand for skilled migrants

Do any of these jobs look like the right fit for you?

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