Cuisine Focus: China

In celebration of Australia’s wonderful food scene, we’ve compiled a list of the top five feeder countries of international students into the Australian tertiary education sector and listed our favourite places to indulge in the corresponding countries’ culinary delights.

#1. China  


Shandong Mama takes dumplings to the next level. Perfectly cooked fish dumplings are the main event but there is also a Melbourne themed option, filled with diced seafood, chicken mince, lemon rind, olive oil, parsley and garlic.


Based in a trendy yet traditional space, Mr Wong applies the same principles to its food. Kick things off with classic pork xiao long bao and Szechuan lamb dumplings, grab some King crab fried rice on the side and launch into the Shandong-style beef short rib with soy, chilli and shallot dressing.


Yum cha is the name of the game at Bamboo Basket. Chicken & chive dumplings, pork wontons with spicy garlic vinegar and prawn spring rolls are great ways to start before splitting a whole salt and pepper flounder with some handmade noodles.


Asian Gourmet on the Pier offers something for everyone, from slow cooked pork knuckle served cold and Tasmanian oysters with XO sauce and vermicelli noodle to a Cantonese roast duck in premium soy sauce.


Situated unassumingly in Westlane Arcade, Magic Wok delivers some of Darwin’s best and most unique Chinese. You pay by the weight of your tray, which you can fill with exotic meats like crocodile, buffalo and emu, and best of all, free noodles!


You can’t really go wrong at Hawkers Cuisine, where majority of dishes won’t even sting you a $20 note. Get acquainted with crispy squid and wonton soup before choosing a main – the curry laksa with prawns, chicken, tofu, egg, bean curd and fish cake is a safe bet.


Adelaide residents swear by Concubine, an intimate venue where diners treat themselves to Peking duck pancakes, South Australian prawns in coconut curry and Barossa pork belly in dark soy. If you’re lucky, there might even a special like the lobster tail in XO sauce available.  


Dickson Dumpling House gives the people of Canberra exactly what they want in a Chinese restaurant. Dishes like chilli basil noodles with chicken make a great pairing with xiao long bao and prawn dumplings. 

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