Study abroad and student exchange in Australia

If you are thinking about studying in Australia, you may consider applying for a study abroad or student exchange program. These programs are designed for students already studying in their home country, with options ranging from short-term study tours to student exchange and study abroad trips lasting between one semester and a full academic year. Keep reading as we explain what you need to know about this type of Australian study.

What is the difference between study abroad and student exchange?

Each program allows you to study in Australia, but there are a few differences that you must understand before submitting applications. In a student exchange program, your home institution has a formal exchange agreement with the Australian institution. This means that you must choose an Australian institution with which your home institution has a partnership and continue to pay fees to your institution in your home country while studying in Australia. Study abroad programs are a little different, with students required to take leave from their home institution and pay upfront fees to their Australian institution. Study abroad is the best option if you want to choose an Australian provider that does not have a partnership with your home institution.

Where should I study in Australia?   

Australia has a naturally beautiful and diverse landscape, so your first step is to start thinking about where you would like to study. Do you want to take classes close to the beach, among the skyscrapers of capital cities or in a cozy regional town? Get started by reading about Australia’s regions. This will give you an idea of the attractions you might find in each state or territory, as well as what it will be like to live there. Note that some universities allow you to transfer between campuses during your studies, which means that you can experience life in different parts of Australia during your time abroad.

What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for student exchange or study abroad, you will generally need to have completed at least two academic semesters of full-time study at your home institution. You will also need to meet academic requirements set by the Australian institution, satisfy any relevant subject prerequisites and provide proof of English language proficiency as required by the course. You will generally apply either through your home institution or directly to the Australian institution, but you must obtain approval from your institution if you are choosing student exchange.

Will I receive credit for my studies in Australia?

Credit arrangements vary depending on whether you choose student exchange or study abroad. In a student exchange program, you will generally receive credit for all subjects completed in Australia.  If you choose study abroad, you may receive credits for part (or even all) of your study but it is important to discuss credit procedures with both your home institution and Australian institution.You may need to meet certain requirements, such as choosing subjects that will count towards your major.

Where can I get more information?

You can find more information in our Study abroad and student exchange section. To receive information directly from universities and other education providers, get started by searching for an institution using our Institution search.To contact an institution, click on their profile then press the ‘Enquire Now’ button. Here, you will be able to request information about course availability, tuition fees, accommodation options and more.

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