International Student Survey

Statistics recently released from the National Survey of International Students Studying in Australia report indicate that international students are, on the whole, very satisfied with education in Australia. The report, conducted in 2009-10, reveals the latest perceptions that international students have about their living and studying experiences in Australia, and shows that international student satisfaction levels have risen significantly since a similar study conducted in 2006. Students from the higher education, vocational education and training, English language and secondary school sectors were surveyed.

The report showed that 86% of all respondents within the higher education sector were either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall educational experience in Australia. 85% of the VET sector and 86% of ELICOS students also rated their experience as positive, an increase on what was revealed in the 2006 survey. The only sector which demonstrated a slight decline in overall satisfaction levels from 2006-2010 was secondary schools — 74% of respondents indicated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their education experience (this figure was previously 82%).

The survey also gauged international students’ perceptions on the support offered to them upon arrival in Australia — 92% of higher education students were satisfied with information offered to them regarding bank accounts (a proportion greatly improved on the 2006 result of 71% of students), 87% in regard to orientation programs, and 86% with email and internet services.

The only slight decline in student satisfaction levels to emerge from the report were in regards to the costs of living and studying in Australia and difficulty in seeking employment; however, safety was revealed as one of the areas in which students were the most satisfied. 86% of all international students felt satisfied with their level of safety in Australia, an impressive figure given the negative media publicity surrounding the safety of international students earlier in the year.

The full report can be accessed here.

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