Melbourne and Sydney rated best student cities

Melbourne and Sydney continue to be popular destinations for students, with new ratings by QS World University Rankings placing the two cities in the top 10 most student-friendly cities worldwide.

Some of the categories considered were student mix (the proportion of overseas students), quality of living and graduate employer activity.

Rank City
1 Paris, France
2 London, United Kingdom
3 Boston, United States
4 Melbourne, Australia
5 Vienna, Austria
6 Sydney, Australia
7 Zurich, Switzerland
8 Berlin, Germany
9 Dublin, Ireland
10 Montreal, Canada

Melbourne — at fourth place — boasts the only perfect score awarded for student mix, with over 60,000 international students (more than one-third of Melbourne’s total student figure) calling the city home. The city was also awarded 94.5 points for its quality of living and 84 points for employer activity. Sydney — ranked at sixth place — also performs well, with scores of 94 points for student mix, 97 points for quality of living and 81 points for employer activity.

Of the countries listed, Australia was awarded the most places within the rank. A further three Australian cities, Brisbane (22), Perth (25) and Adelaide (29) fall within the top 50.

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