The best way for international students to find work in Australia

Striking the right balance between work and university can be difficult, especially for international students still adapting to their new surroundings. What can be even tougher though, is landing a job in the first place, as students who have moved from overseas don’t have the same connections and networking exposure as their domestic counterparts. 

To lend a hand to anyone struggling to find work, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can go about securing yourself a job. 

Job-seeking sites

This is definitely the most convenient way to launch your job-hunting journey. Sites like Seek, Indeed and Jora have thousands of jobs listed with the option to filter by a stack of different criteria; type of work, salary, industry, location and availability to name a few. There is also the option to list your qualifications, skills and experience and to submit a CV so that you can be contacted if a role becomes available that you would be suited too. There are niche job sites as well – SpotJobs is ideal for students looking for part-time or casual work, while Scout publishes roles specific to the hospitality, retail and digital sectors.

Ask around 

It’s an old-fashioned approach but asking friends, acquaintances and even fellow students is also an option. They might know a person who is looking to take someone but hasn’t advertised the role yet, and potentially make an introduction. At the very least, it’s a good place to start practicing networking, which will become very important in the future. 

Get entrepreneurial 

You might be a student but dependent on your skillset, you could be ready to start making some money on your own. For those studying degrees in design and tech, there is a large freelance market which you can take advantage of. It won’t necessarily be great money, especially at first, but it’s a great way to earn some extra scratch and gain industry experience simultaneously. 


To get to the point where you are being paid as a freelancer, you may need to build up your portfolio with some free-of-charge work first. Once you’ve demonstrated some tangible examples of your ability, it will become much easier to make ends meet. 

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