Taking advantage of additional university services

Studying at university can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable but it can also be challenging to adjust to the rigours of more independent education, especially for international students. Unlike high school, where the curriculum and workload is teacher-driven, uni is far less structured and there is a significant increase in the responsibility of students.

For anyone struggling to keep up with the demands of uni life, there are means of support. Most institutions are well-resourced and there is no shortage of options to improve studying at the tertiary level. 

Counselling services

Counselling services are common at universities and are not limited to academic advice. By providing personal, emotional, psychological and social support, counsellors can address a broad range of issues, whether it's struggling with the language barrier or problems balancing part-time work and study. 

PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) program

Joining a PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) program can be hugely beneficial. The initiative involves group study sessions under the facilitation of a ‘PAL leader,’ a current student who has completed the unit in the past. This enables significant insight into the subject in an intimate, supportive environment that can be difficult to achieve in lecture theatres filled with hundreds of students.

Essay writing help

Most courses at university level require a great deal of writing, whether it's submitting reports electronically or answering questions during an exam. Many campuses have specific programs or classes dedicated to helping students improve their writing skills and given the abundance of academics on staff, there are plenty of faculty members around to give advice on what constitutes a good essay.

Sporting clubs

Almost all universities in Australia have sporting and recreational programs. These can be particularly handy for keen athletes who have moved to further their education and are unable to compete for their regular clubs or teams due to their new living arrangements. Competing for a university team can be a good outlet from studying and allows for socialisation with peers outside of the classroom.  

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