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At Griffith University, we celebrate, believe in and strive for the remarkable. 

Harukua Fujihira, Japan

Doctor of Philosophy (Social Marketing)

"Griffith’s support services supported me a lot. Lecturers were always open for consultation to clarify unclear points for me as a confused international student. I also got a UniSkills paid leader position through UniTemps and made a lot of friends through Griffith Mates activities."

Sachin Kulkarni, India

Bachelor of Dental Health Science

“I value progress, health, respect, and an inclusive diverse community, and it is these that attracted me to this university. Griffith university offered me the opportunity to study at the newest dental school in Australia designed to teach us in advanced simulation labs, with a new curriculum, among academics driven by the same passion for progress and betterment. Studying here also meant that I was part of a multicultural community, active culture, and beautiful new campus of Griffith University.”

Simbarashe Chigwanda, Zimbabwe

Master of Information Systems/Master of Information Technology Management

“On my arrival to Brisbane airport I was greeted by some Griffith Mates, a service I had organised prior to arriving. They were incredibly helpful and got me to campus safe and sound. My first impression of Brisbane was how beautiful and clean it is.”

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