Moorabbin Flying Services

Established in 1998, Moorabbin Flying Services is a Registered Training Organisation offering pilot training, to domestic and international students. They also offer the Sharp Airlines First Officer Cadetship program and Cabin Crew training to domestic students. Provider CRICOS: 02983F

Moorabbin Flying Services (MFS) was established in 1993 and our goal has been to provide excellence in flight training and specialist instruction to every student pilot, from either a domestic or international geographic location. We have been recognised nationally for our excellence in training through receiving many awards and accolades by respected leaders in both the aviation and education fields. We are one of the most respected flight training organisations and are considered by our students, flight instructors, peers and industry as one of the finest flying schools in Australia.

MFS, based in Moorabbin, has a commitment to flight training is second to none, fostered by our highly-experienced flight and aviation theory instructors and approved flight testing officers, who together, have amassed over 120,000 logged flight hours between them. Some of our instructors still work in the airlines today flying the Boeing 737. We even have a retired Boeing 777 Captain ensuring you receive the most up to date training.

The training programs at MFS are specifically developed to meet the needs of the industry. While studying at MFS, you will learn simulated commercial and instrument flight study, which allows you to get as close as possible to the challenges you may face in the aviation industry. We are one of the few flight training organizations that offers Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) courses and Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theory courses with one of the most respected teachers in Australia today. This is why we have been selected by three airlines to train their cadets.

Studying at MFS, you can attend theoretical classes and practical flight training during weekdays. Students take the opportunity to fly on the weekends or evenings too.

Understanding the life of an international student, MFS offers students to pay their fees in arrears (this does not include the enrolment fee, living expenses, student visa or CASA costs).

AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane) +AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) package includes a twin engine Commercial Pilot Licence (MECPL), Night Rating + MECIR (80 weeks)

CRICOS: AVI40108 / 064334D + AVI50415 / 089863F

The Diploma of Aviation package is the Academy's most popular program for international students. This program includes a multi engine Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training from beginner level. A CPL entitles the holder to fly aircraft for private or commercial purposes and carry paying passengers or freight. The diploma component includes multi-engine command instrument rating (MECIR) training, which provides important skills and qualifications that enable a pilot to commercially fly multi-engine aircraft under a broad range of flying conditions, such as flying in clouds or at night. This additional training significantly increases graduate employability as it is highly regarded by employers.

Students can decide to undertake the AVI40108 Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence) only if they wish. This includes the Multi Engine CPL and Night Rating. This course has a duration of a year.

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