Advanced Diploma of Engineering

RMIT University - TAFE

At a glance

Type of Institution: University TAFE Institute/Polytechnic (Govt)
Level: Preparatory/Industry
Campus/Location: Point Cook Airfield
Institution CRICOS: 00122A


  • Core: Organise and communicate information
  • Interact with computing technology
  • Perform engineering activities
  • Manage self in the engineering environment
  • Select common engineering materials
  • Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices. Electives: Lay out avionic systems
  • Apply basic aircraft design characteristics
  • Work safely with ionising radiation
  • Perform basic magnetic particle testing
  • Perform ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Represent aeronautical engineering designs
  • Calibrate measuring equipment
  • plus more.

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