Advanced Diploma of Interpreting - LOTE-English

RMIT University - TAFE

At a glance

Type of Institution: University TAFE Institute/Polytechnic (Govt)
Level: Preparatory/Industry
Campus/Location: City
Institution CRICOS: 00122A


  • Core: Apply codes and standards to professional judgement
  • Negotiate translating and interpreting assignments
  • Interpret in complex dialogue settings (LOTE-English)
  • Interpret in complex monologue settings (LOTE-English)
  • Interpret through communication media
  • Manage discourses in complex settings
  • Sight translate (LOTE-English)
  • Use complex subject area terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English). Electives: Use note taking to recall and reproduce source messages (LOTE-English)
  • Demonstrate complex LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
  • Interpret as part of a team
  • Apply theories to translating and interpreting work practices
  • plus more.

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