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At UTS, we think differently: we take a global approach to education that has innovation at its core. What’s more, we’re a university for the real world. All our courses are closely aligned with industry need, so what you learn will prepare you for your future career. 

(Nguyen Phuoung) Khanh Tran, Vietnam

Bachelor of Communications (Public Communication)

I wanted to study communication in a foreign country. Looking it up online, I realised UTS is quite famous for its communication faculty, so I chose to go there. I find it quite a young, innovative, dynamic university, very different from the older ones. Communication is different to other industries; it’s always changing. You always need to refresh your skillset and be adaptable to any change that may happen. My subjects have a practical focus, and the course structure is evolving all the time to keep up with the changing industry environment. Creativity and critical thinking are the skills it focuses on. In class, they always get us to do mixed assignments – group and individual, and we practise a variety of techniques – to make sure we know every kind of skill you need in the industry. Most of the people I meet here are very open-minded. I think the most noticeable thing about Sydney is its multiculturalism. You meet so many different kinds of people from around the world and there’s a lot of different types of food. I thought that Australia didn’t really have a traditional cuisine, but it turns out Australians just like a mix of everything!

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