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UNSW Foundation Studies provides a pathway to UNSW Australia (the University of New South Wales) for students who don't meet the entry requirements for direct entry to university. UNSW Foundation Studies is the longest-running program of its type in Australia, and successful international students have a guaranteed place via a provisional offer to an undergraduate degree at UNSW in Sydney.

We are the longest running foundation program in Australia, operating for over 25 years with more than 20,000 students having successfully graduated.

UNSW Foundation Studies is the first choice for students wishing to enter UNSW because:

  • foundation teaching methods match undergraduate teaching at UNSW so students gain confidence
  • 85 per cent of our students continue onto successful undergraduate studies
  • our graduates have shown high academic success rates at UNSW
  • our teaching facilities and academic reputation are first-class
  • we help our international students adapt to the Australian education environment before they start their university studies
  • our Foundation Certificate is widely recognised at other Australian and international universities.

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  • Transition program (four months)
  • Standard foundation program (nine months)
  • Standard Plus foundation program (12 months)
  • Foundation English entry course (10, 15 and 20 weeks)

See www.ufs.unsw.edu.au/academicprograms/program for more information.

Students can enter their UNSW undergraduate degrees from UNSW Foundation Studies through different streams of study. The main streams are:

  • Arts for arts, social science, international studies and media studies
  • Commerce for commerce

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